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Please Wait to be Seated - A Drawing Diner, Listhús Artist Residency

Performed by The Serendipitous Sisterhood - Catriona Meighan (Britain), Eva M. Alysse Bowd (Canada) , Gina R. Furnari (USA) and Lee wansool(South Korea)

After nearly a month living and working together in the Listhús the four of us had formed a close bond but we hadn't met many locals. For our open house we transformed the studio space into a diner. Created a menu, and offered portraits in exchange for local knowledge.  

Participants sat for continuous line drawn portraits and then chose either watercolor or paper cutting as a second phase of the work (this ensured everyone interacted with at least two of us). Payment options included; singing the Icelandic national anthem, teaching us a word in Icelandic, or telling us something about life in Ólafsfjördur.

The time spent together was short but focused and created a lasting connection.

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