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"Glimpse" (2021) and "Passage" (2021)

Created for Hatak at North Willow Gallery, Montclair, NJ.  


North Willow experienced water damage due to a weather event and was forced to close for a period of time. These pieces are part of an exhibition that took place during the closer and asked artists to create digital images of the gallery space to create new works. 

Glimpse and Passage imagine what might be possible when walls contain a memory of water. The animated drawings merge the Attic at North Willow with images I've collected during my residency with Cape May Whale Watch and Research in Cape May, NJ. In Glimpse the gallery inhabitants look out through the windows of CMWWR's ship "The American Star" and are visited by an ephemeral shape resembling a dolphin who effortlessly inhabits both the interior of the gallery and the world beyond. In Passage the gallery inhabitant is about to attempt to move into the water world.


From the gallery: 

"HATAK is an online project where participating artists have been provided images of the interior of this attic space. In turn they have envisioned ways to turn their idea, plan or dream into some reality, in the absence of the physical means to do so.

This is part of a collaborative project with artist-run spaces operated by Filipino artists/founders across the US. This is in celebration of Filipino American History month of October."



Looped Digital Animation 



Looped Digital Animation 

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